Monday, April 07, 2008

Battleship Game Algorithm Competition

I am one of the C# Pirates taking part in Cubido's Battleship Game Algorithm Competition. Dozens of computer programs battling it out against each other - in batch mode on the server (current ranking), as well as viewable in any Silverlight-enabled web browser.

Last week I attended Microsoft Austria's Big Days 2008 and found out about the contest - two nights of coding later, and Captain Alex (namesake of my older son) reached the top position. Captain Ahab, the old swashbuckler, is still a tough competitor though.

And by the way kudos to Cubido. What a great idea! This is the kind of stuff that excites most software developers. And their Silverlight client does have really cool visuals.

I am going to blog about the algorithm once the contest has ended (it is quite simple).