Thursday, November 08, 2007

Switching Source Control Providers Under Visual Studio

Visual Studio 2005 let's you switch between different source control providers (e.g. Team Foundation Server and another SCC provider for Subversion or CVS) during runtime under Tools / Options / Source Control / Plug-In Selection. But if you still have to maintain some old .NET 1.1 code in Visual Studio 2003, you may be out of luck.

E.g. I recently had to access an old Sourcesafe repository, but since I had installed Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio 2003 would try to connect to the TFS server using a Sourcesafe URI. Not a good idea. And there is not way to change the provider back to VSS temporarily from within Visual Studio 2003.

Luckily I found this nice little tool SCCSwitch which did the job.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Poker Calculator

My friend and colleague Josef developed a pokerhand odds calculator in Java, and I asked him to throw it into an applet so I could host it on this blog as well. Here we go:

Great stuff, Josef! Handling the input is very easy, just click the cards of choice for the input field having the focus (yellow background), and press "Calculate" to compute the odds, resp. to finish dealing out. You can also undo/redo any action.

The odds calculator uses a brute force approach. It looks quite fast, considering the fact it needs to process millions of combinations before the flop, and finishes in about a second on my PC. You can take a closer look at the code as well - it's open source.

My blog stylesheet won't resize the content area's width, that's why the applet is cut off on the right side, otherwise my navigation panel would have disappeared (I'll probably ask Josef to let his LayoutManager do some resizing instead, so the applet will fit within smaller screen estate as well). You can see it here in full size.

The applet requires Java 5, which - if missing - should be installed automatically on MSIE, I hope also on Firefox (for Mozilla browsers I had to replace the <embed> tag by an <applet> tag in order for it to run at all inside a page).

And by the way Josef, here are the odds for our game last week, when you went all in. Sorry to mention that 84% sometimes still is not enough. ;-)

Update: Some proxies seem to filter away <object> tags altogether, so I replaced it with an <applet> tag for all browsers.