Monday, September 27, 2004

Pointy-Haired Boss Under Consulting Spell?

I mean it certainly makes sense to get help from external consultants e.g. from IBM when your department migrates its middleware to IBM Websphere, or from Microsoft if you are specifically interested in .NET Enterprise Services hosted by a COM+ application server. And I even understand the need for all those SAP or Baan consulting firms.

What I just don't get is why companies are so eager to spend weeks on explaining their business domain to a complete stranger (=consultant), who in exchange will charge them huge amounts of money either for a substrate of some outdated Gartner or McKinsey papers, or for pushing their own proprietary software solution, which doesn't even closely solve the technological problems the customer is facing.

I am talking about those guys who became consultants simply by printing their job title on a business card.

Why don't companies just instead give their own talented people some time and resources, and let them go figure out? Or as Wally would say: "Just because we pay inexperienced strangers to tell us how to do our jobs, that doesn't mean we're morons!"