Thursday, November 04, 2004

Journey To The Past (9): Internet Banking and Brokering (1997-2001)

Internet banking was still in its infancy at the beginning of 1997. We designed and developed the internet banking and brokering solution for one of the largest Austrian bank groups. Our system consisted of a Java applet as a frontend, the business logic was running on Sun Solaris servers, and we integrated bank legacy systems like Oracle databases on Digital VAX, or CICS transactions on IBM mainframes. Later on, I was project lead for porting our solution for several other regional banks.

Over the years we replaced the proprietary middleware by a Java 2 Enterprise Edition application server, and kept session state on the server which allowed for stateless clients. Java Server Pages would now produce HTML for client browsers resp. WML for WAP mobile phones.

At this point in time, 500.000 people have subscribed to the Internet banking and brokering service, accounting for an average of 100.000 logins per day.

Besides that, I was also responsible for the implementation of an internet ticketing service, including online payment.