Sunday, December 05, 2004

The Triumph Of Belief Systems Over Engineering

From (and nothing has changed ever since):
  In Computer Science there's... While in Computer Scientology it's..
00000 John Von Neumann L. Ron Hubbard
00001 Communications of the ACM InformationWeek
00010 SMTP/MIME Notes "Mail"
00011 SNMP "E-meters"
00100 "Two Phase Commit" "Automatic Data Replication"
00101 TCP/IP IPX
00110 The Internet Compu$erve (or, AOL)
00111 Usenix/LISA Conference Novell World
01000 SecurID/SKey/SecureNetKey RLA/ARA
01001 Distributed Systems Windows95
01010 The World Wide Web IBM/Lotus Notes
01011 Object Oriented Programming Visual Basic
01100 Java ActiveX
01101 Linux/NetBSD/FreeBSD Windows/NT Server
01110 ACM TOPLAS "Secrets of the Visual Basic Masters"
01111 GNU Public License Patent Lawyers
10000 Lead Developers "Empowered Managers"