Thursday, August 31, 2006

Vanilla DAL: Added Support For OleDB And Oracle

3:00am in the morning, I finally managed to add support for Oracle and for the generic OleDb ADO.NET provider (using MS Access, as this was all I had available) to Vanilla DAL. Client code stays free of database specifics, but I am still wondering what to do with SQL statements. Vanilla DAL enforces SQL statement externalization in XML resp. generates SQL on-the-fly, but I can't (and won't) prevent the developer from applying vendor-dependent SQL syntax. The format of parameter placeholders is vendor-specific as well... I am probably going to set up one global standard, and wrap away vendor details for SQL parameters.

I am planning to publish Vanilla DAL 0.2.0 within the coming week. Next task will be to provide documentation and more samples. After that is done, it might have reached a state which allows me to start promoting this framework (it's more of a skunkworks project right now).