Tuesday, November 14, 2006

W-JAX Summary

W-JAX 2006 was a nice, well-organized conference. Unfortunately I was not so lucky with all the tracks I chose to listen to - I went to some presentations which were less tech-savvy, some on management perspectives, some about analysis issues, and noticed once more how little I care about that. On day two and three I went back to the tech talks and life was good again.

Part of the W-JAX crowd. Third table row, right next to the aisle, grey sweater, that's me.

On my way home I met Juergen Hoeller at the train. Juergen is a lead developer on the Spring framework project. Both of us used to study CompSci at University of Linz in the mid-90s. So this gave me the opportunity to pepper him with questions about Spring 2.0 and on where J2EE is heading in his opinion. He was patient enough to answer all of them. Thanks Juergen!