Thursday, November 08, 2007

Switching Source Control Providers Under Visual Studio

Visual Studio 2005 let's you switch between different source control providers (e.g. Team Foundation Server and another SCC provider for Subversion or CVS) during runtime under Tools / Options / Source Control / Plug-In Selection. But if you still have to maintain some old .NET 1.1 code in Visual Studio 2003, you may be out of luck.

E.g. I recently had to access an old Sourcesafe repository, but since I had installed Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio 2003 would try to connect to the TFS server using a Sourcesafe URI. Not a good idea. And there is not way to change the provider back to VSS temporarily from within Visual Studio 2003.

Luckily I found this nice little tool SCCSwitch which did the job.