Sunday, February 03, 2019

Performance-Tuning Conway's Game of Life on Scratch

By pre-calculating state-transitions for clusters of cells, my little Game of Life Scratch project now runs a 43,200 resp. 172,800 cell grid (in color) at 10-30 FPS (30 FPS is a Scratch-internal limit), making it one of the fastest GoL implementations there.

Click into grid to create a life form at that spot. Press:
- '1' to '4' to select a built-in life form for creation
- 'i' to import + select custom life form, '5' to re-select it
- 't' to toggle grid size (43,200 cells vs. 172,800 cells)
- space to stop/continue
- 'm' to select music track
- 'c' to clear grid
- 'r' for random grid
- 'f' to show/hide frames-per-second rate
- 's' to show/hide speed control and frame-skipping control