Tuesday, March 08, 2005

My Computer Museum

Since I finally got sufficient space in my new cellar, I started looking for old computer systems - mainly 8bit and 16bit home computers I owned in the past, or others that I would have liked to possess back then. The problem always used to be: in order to buy the next generation computer, I had to sell my old one - pocketing horrible losses most of the time.

Today my major source is EBay. Still it's an elaborate task to find and purchase the right hardware, external devices and cabling. And: some prices just go through the roof at EBay. E.g. I must have bid on an Apple II on at least five occasions, but so far it always turned out too expensive at the end.

So here is my current collection:

From left to right:
(1) Sun SparcStation 5, NEC 21" VGA Monitor
(2) Commodore 128D, Commodore 1901 Color Monitor
(3) Commodore Amiga 500 (2x)
(4) Atari 1040ST, Atari SM124 Monochrome Monitor
(5) Apple Macintosh LC, Apple Monochrome Monitor
(6) Sinclair ZX81

Latest Purchases:
(1) Commodore CBM8032
(2) Commodore 1084 Color Monitor

Currently looking for:
(1) Apple II
(2) Atari SC1224 Color Monitor