Friday, November 11, 2005

Is MS Windows Ready For The Desktop?

No offense intended, I am myself a very Windows-centric developer, but "Is MS Windows Ready For The Desktop" is just too funny!

So now comes partitioning. Since I know from Linux that NTFS is a buggy file system (never got it to work smooth under Linux), I choose the more advanced FAT-fs, since there's no other option, this should be right for me. It's a disappointment I can't implement volume management tools like LVM or EVMS, or an initrd, but I decide to forget about this and go on, believing the Windows-team has made the right decision by not supporting this cumbersome features. So this means, I can forget about software-RAID and hard disk encryption supported by the kernel. But what about resizing partitions? Steve explains, this can be done in Windows. You go to your software-supplier, ask for the free Partition Magic 8.0, and after paying your €55 NVC, the Partition Magic CD can do a (tiny) part of the stuff EVMS can, like resizing.